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Incendio en numancia, una experimentación no pensada

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Reconstructing life in the Bronze Age

WOOD, J., "Reconstructing life in the Bronze Age", British Archaeology, vol. 6, pp. xx-xx, 07/1995.

What was life actually like in the Bronze Age? How smoky, for instance, was the atmosphere inside a roundhouse? How did Bronze Age women keep flies away from cheese? How comfortable were Bronze Age shoes?

In the main, the only way to gain insight into these sorts of questions is not through conventional archaeology, or the painstaking analysis of finds, but through `experimental archaeology' - that is, by reconstructing a life-size model of a prehistoric settlement, and by attempting to solve through trial and error the day-to-day problems of prehistoric living.

Discovering Archaeology

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Bunsen burners ... or cheese moulds?

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