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Does a narrow water ditch and a wattle fence have any defensive value anyway (DE)?

Yes. One should realise, the potential enemy was under fire of arrows and stones when trying to conquer the ditch and tall fence.

Did they already have fire extinguishers in the Middle Ages (NL)?

Nowadays, strict fire safety rules are set at parks like Archeon. Therefore, in all houses, we have fire extinguishers present. The city council in medieval times, however, already applied rules.

What temperature is a fire (NL)?

The heat of a fire depends on the type of fuel and the quantity of added oxygen. A simple wood fire can reach about 700 - 800 ° C.

What is rose water? Where can you buy it (NL)?

Rose water was used extensively in the Middle Ages in the upper class kitchen. Nowadays, it is still an important ingredient in the India and Surinam kitchen. It adds a tender aroma to dishes...

How did people make fire in the early Middle Ages (NL)?

Two methods were used to make fire. One was by striking a special piece of iron (strike-a-light) on a piece of flint. The other method is by friction of wood on wood. The strike-a-light was most common. Sometimes people used the back of a knife to strike sparks. Friction of wood on wood (“the old-fashioned way”) was used at religious occasions...

You use the saw a lot in your museum. What did Medieval people do with all that sawdust (NL)?

Indeed the hand saw is frequently used in our medieval village. But we use the axe even more: for construction wood, fire wood, you name it. The saw dust and small pieces of wood which remain are not thrown away...

Were there any withches burnt at the Bronze Age stake at the museum in Asparn (AT)?

The stake did not serve as place to burn witches, but the people at the end of the Bronze Age were generally cremated, ashes were collected in an urn.

How could people live in these smoked through rooms (DE)?

Medieval people were used to the smoke, like the modern city people the exhaust smoke of cars. Furthermore we should suppose, in the Middle Ages people could make a fire with much less smoke then...

How did people make fire in the Iron Age (NL)?

Roughly seen, there are two methods of fire making. The oldest way is the fire drilling: one mounts a wooden peg on a board of wood and rotates this peg quite fast. This way, the temperature rises where the peg touches the board...

Did they have chimneys in prehistory (CZ)?

They did not have chimneys in our sense of the word, but from at least the Bronze Age we presume that makeshift chimneys, for example made from wicker and daubed with clay would take smoke from hearths through ceilings...


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