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Conference: III Congrès internacional d’arqueologia experimental

Sara Graziano (IT)
From 17 - 19 October 2011 in Banyoles, Spain, the third international congress of experimental archeology took place, organized by the Asociacion Experimenta. Banyoles 2011 was a very intense conference, with over 50 speakers in three days, the quality of presentations was particularly high, as well as the presence of young, skilled and passionate researchers...

Hearth and home of the Paleo-Eskimos

ODGAARD, U., "Hearth and home of the Paleo-Eskimos", Études/Inuit/Studies, vol. 27, issue 1-2, Québec, QC, Inuit and Circumpolar Study Group (GÉTIC) and Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Association Inc., pp. 349-374, 2003.
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