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Making History - bringing the great Gwozdziec synagogue back to life

N., N., "Making History - bringing the great Gwozdziec synagogue back to life", The Mortice and Tenon - The Carpenters' Fellowship Journal of Traditional Timber Frame Carpentry, issue 47, Chippenham, The Carpenters' Fellowship, pp. 5-9, spring 2012.

Varus and the Lost Legions in Sagnlandet Lejre - A re-enactment success?

Ane Jepsen (DK)

In July 2009 a battle took place in Sagnlandet Lejre, in the heart of Zealand in Denmark. The battle was a dramatized re-enactment of the historical battle of Teutoburg forest in Niedersachsen in the year 9 AD - also known as the Varus Battle. Why should such a re-enactment event take place in Denmark - over 100 kilometres from the presumed site of the historic battle?...

50th Anniversary of L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada

Neil Peterson (CA)

The summer of 2010 saw the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Viking Era site at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland Canada. To celebrate this milestone Parks Canada arranged a number of special events, including an August visit from the Dark Ages Re-creation Company (DARC)...

"But if you don't get any IRON..." Towards an effective method for small iron smelting furnaces

Darrell Markewitz (CA)

Few ancient processes are as mysterious as smelting ore into metallic iron. Just how, exactly, is this done? The exact processes used by the ancients are unknown, but modern experiments can suggest some possibilities...

H8 – Living History. Acht Länder präsentieren “Lebendige Geschichte“

SCHÖBEL, G., and M. BAUMHAUER, "H8 – Living History. Acht Länder präsentieren “Lebendige Geschichte“ ", Plattform, Zeitschrift des Vereins für Pfahlbau und Heimatkunde e.v., vol. 2008/09, issue 17/18, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Verein für Pfahlbau und Heimatkunde e.V., pp. 4-13, 2010.


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