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Rebuilding the past: challenges in education and public interpretation at Castell Henllys Iron Age fort.

MYTUM, H. C., "Rebuilding the past: challenges in education and public interpretation at Castell Henllys Iron Age fort.", Arqueo Mediterrània, Espais de presentació del patrimoni arqueològic: la reconstrucció in situ a debat, Actes de la VI Reunió Internacional d'Arqueologiade Calafell - 17a Reunió Anual de l'EXARC (Calafell, del 10 al 12 de març de 2011), issue 13, Barcelona, Departament de Prehistòria, Història Antigai Arqueologia de la Universitat de Barcelona, pp. 73-83, 2013.

ERA: una década trabajando por la difusión

BENÍTEZ MOTA, R., "ERA: una década trabajando por la difusión", La Investigación Experimental aplicada a la Arqueología , Málaga, Imprenta Galindo, pp. 489-491, Spring 2014, 2011.

“You could see it [the past] in your mind”: What impact might living history performance have on the historical consciousness of young people?

Ceri Jones (UK)
2012 OpenArch meeting at Foteviken (SE)
***Living history is used as part of a range of interpretive techniques to help young people experience and learn about the past at museums and historic sites (Samuel 1994). Although the benefits of bringing the past to life have been enthusiastically supported by costumed interpreters, museum and history educators (Fairley 1977; Turner-Bisset 2005) it was not until 2008 that...

Book Review: The value of an Archaeological Open-Air Museum is in its use by Roeland Paardekooper

Ronan O’Flaherty (IE)
With publication of Dr Paardekooper’s monograph we now, finally, have a secure databank of facts and figures relating to archaeological open-air museums in Europe, including management structures, key financial indicators, visitor profiles and visitor numbers...

120 Years of Strategies and Experiences in Educational and Handicraft Skills

Rüdiger Kelm (DE)
OpenArch Dialogue with Skills Issue
***One aim of the five year EU-funded Culture Project OpenArch is to encourage cooperation between archaeological open-air museums in Europe and ethnological open-air museums who have a long history of presenting and handicraft to the public in practical ways...


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