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domestic animals

Über die Neuzüchtung des Ur- oder Auerochs

HECK, L., "Über die Neuzüchtung des Ur- oder Auerochs", Bericht der Internationalen Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung des Wisents, issue 4, pp. 225-294, 1934.

Abenteuer- und Archäologiespielplatz Moorwiese (DE)

Building huts is always possible at the playground. Children get the possibility of making their own play area following their own ideas. Everything needed for the huts is made available...

Did they use animals in the Middle Ages (NL)?

Domestic animals (dog and horse in Stone Age, the sheep with the first farmers, the pig, chicken with the Romans - roughly said) are wild animals which were domesticated by humans for own use...

Did they keep animals on the Crannogs in Scotland (UK)?

Yes. We have found the remains of animal droppings and dung on the Crannog at the 2,600 year old excavation site from sheep, goats, pig and cow.

What did they eat at the Crannogs in Scotland (UK)?

We have found traces of spelt and emmer wheat on site and barley. Also, a wide range of nuts and berries, including cloud-berry, raspberry, strawberry, brambles, sloes and wild cherries. Hazelnuts are in great abundance. Wild carrots, wild cabbages, wild garlic and thyme, and meat from domestic animals such as sheep and cow.

Which types of animals did people keep in the Iron Age (SE)?

The Iron Age agricultural structure was more based on animal husbandry than the growing of crops. The Iron Age farmers of what was to become Sweden kept several types of animals. The two most important ones were cows and sheep...

Did children have to work as well (CH)?

People in prehistory did not get very old, meaning one had to grow up much earlier. There was less time to remain a child than nowadays. Besides this, life was very hard...

Did they keep animals at the Biskupin fortress in the Iron Age (PL)?

The people of Biskupin cultivated land, about 150 – 200 ha. For this, they used oxen and cows. Within the Biskupin settlements, lots of bones of domesticated animals were found. They kept cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and dogs...

Did people and their cattle live in one and the same house in prehistory (NL)?

No, in the New Stone Age houses, there are no indications for stables. During the Middle Bronze Age, between 1,800 - 1,600 BC, a farm type in which both people and cattle lived under one roof became the common type of dwelling...


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