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Discussion: Working with knives in AOAMs

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This is an extract from a lengthy and lively Facebook discussion in the Archaeological Open Air Museums group, started on the 5th of February 2016 by Roeland Paardekooper, at that time in the Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen...

Iulius findet en kästchen. Geschichten über Marc Aurel

KANDLER, C., Iulius findet en kästchen. Geschichten über Marc Aurel, Vienna, Franz Humer, Kulturabteilung des Landes Niederösterreich und Archäologischer Park Carnuntum - Betriebsges.m.b.H., Spring 2014, 2004.

Did children have to work as well (CH)?

People in prehistory did not get very old, meaning one had to grow up much earlier. There was less time to remain a child than nowadays. Besides this, life was very hard...

Did people have contraception (NL)?

Contraception aids are hardly known from Prehistory. The Greek and Romans used different ways of not getting pregnant: medicines, special positions, periodical abstinence, as well as amulets. If this failed, even then they already used abortion...

What games did Roman children play (NL)?

A wide variety of Roman games are known. These games vary from the simple throwing of nuts in a pot (Orca), to Roman rugby (Harpastum) and even chariot races with two hoops on a stick.

Was there a division of roles in the early Middle Ages (NL)?

There was a traditional division of roles. Women in general took care of the children. They herded and milked the cattle and sheep and fed the chickens. Shaving sheep, plucking wool,...

Das Archäotechnische Zentrum in Welzow

BEHNKE, H J., "Das Archäotechnische Zentrum in Welzow", Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa, Bilanz 2011, vol. Heft 10, Oldenburg, Europäische Vereinigung zur Förderung der Experimentellen Archäologie e.V., pp. 74-87, 2011.


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