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What can the study of pre- and protohistoric pottery contribute to the knowledge of the contemporan society (FR)?

Analysis of pottery gives us the possibility to answer questions concerning functional, economical and social aspects of the groups, having produced this ceramics...

What contacts existed between the inhabitants of the lake fortress and other countries (LV)?

In the Early Middle Ages, active trading contacts developed in Latvia, also involving the inhabitants of the lake fortress. Imported jewellery and parts of weapons have been found in the cultural layer...

Did people already have wine bottles in the Celtic area in Austria (AT)?

No, the wine was served in large bronze buckets (Situlae). The Celts did however use bottle shaped vessels from clay, the so called lentil bottles.

What was the occupation of the people living in the lake fortress (LV)?

They were mainly engaged in agriculture, stock-keeping, forest bee keeping, crafts and trade. Also important was the utilisation of wild resources: fishing and hunting, especially the...

Conference: Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology 2011 (RE-ARC)

Mark Butler (US)

The second annual Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference was held at the Schiele Museum of Natural History, Gastonia, NC, 16-17 October, 2011 and was attended by over 50 participants representing at least 10 states, two countries and an unknown number of general museum visitors...

Alles Käse

JOCHUM ZIMMERMANN, E., "Alles Käse", Bulletin voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie, vol. 16, issue 1, Leiden, VAEE, pp. 9-10, 03/2011.

Interview with Hans de Haas

Diederik Pomstra (NL)

December 2010, Hans de Haas turned 75 and this seemed a fitting occasion for an in depth interview with this Nestor of Dutch living prehistory and experimental archaeology...

Conference: The 6th Experimental Conference, York

Ruth Fillery-Travis (UK)

The 6th Experimental Conference, 6-7th January 2012, York Established in 2006 with a workshop at UCL London, the Experimental Archaeology Conference is an annual event aiming to bring together experimental practitioners from Europe and afield. Since 2006 it has been held at a variety of locations in England and Scotland...

Experimentální konstrukce laténské hrnčiřské pece z Brčekol

THÉR, R., and T. MANGEL, "Experimentální konstrukce laténské hrnčiřské pece z Brčekol", Živá Archeologie, (Re)konstrukce a experiment v archeologii, vol. 13/2011, Hradec Králové, FHS Univerzity Hradec Králové, pp. 58-62, 2011.


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