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The experimental tile kiln at Norton Priory

JOHNSON, B. J., "The experimental tile kiln at Norton Priory", Ironbridge Gorge Museum Notes on the Conservation of Architectural Remains: Ironbridge Gorge Museum, pp. 13-21, 1982.

Parque Arqueológico de Burrén (ES)

The archaeological park of the Early Iron Age is located at the bank of the river Huecha in the municipality of Zaragoza Fréscano, at the foot of the archaeological site of...

Technical Elements for Etruscan-Padan Kilns Firing and Female Labour Connected to These Tools

Francesca Caresani (IT)
This article presents work connected to the GestiRitrovati project, the association that performs archaeological experiments at the Forcello Archaeological Park (Mn). The aim is to recover archaic customs of Etruscan-Padan pottery production...

Results of a discussion on the state of experimental archaeology in Switzerland

T. Doppler,
S. Osimitz,
K. Schäppi (CH)
On 27 March 2010, the board of the Working Group on Experimental Archaeology in Switzerland (AEAS-GAES) invited a panel of experts to hold a public debate in Olten on whether the incentives that had existed at the time still played their part, how they were now constituted and what the future perspectives were...


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