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Ancient Repairs on Bronze Objects

Renske Dooijes (NL)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***Bronze objects can be damaged in many ways, for example during casting or during their time of use. Often this damage was repaired using various techniques. In this paper, some examples of ancient repairs and their techniques are described and illustrated with examples published in the literature.

Interview with Helmut ‘Hugo’ Windl

Wulf Hein (DE)
Archaeology Starts Just Outside Your Door! Experimental archaeology in Austria carries a name: Hofrat Dr Helmut ‘Hugo’ Windl (born 1944). Windl, has, from the start of his academic career, stood strong for the establishment of this practical form of research in the Alp Republic...

Jet, amber and bronze, silver and gold artefacts

MUNCH, G S., "Jet, amber and bronze, silver and gold artefacts", Borg in Lofoten. A chieftain’s farm in North Norway, vol. 1, no. Arkeologisk skriftserie, Borg, Lofotr – Vikingmuseet på Borg, pp. 253-263, 2003.

Where did bronze come from in prehistory (NL)?

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Both metals do not originate in the Netherlands or its surroundings. natural sources of copper can be found in Austria, Spain, Southern France, Northern Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Bulgaria...


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