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Where do modern musicians get medieval music from (NL)?

In different monasteries and libraries, sheet music dating back to the Middle Ages is kept.

Was book printing a Dutch invention (NL)?

Absolutely not! The oldest printed books we know originate from China, where people printed books with wooden blocks as early as the 8th century. The oldest dated book, dated by its maker, is the Chinese “Buddha’s Diamond Sutra”: May 11th, 868. It is one of Buddhism's greatest treasures...


Marc van Hasselt (NL)
Hannah Fraza (NL)

Much of our historical knowledge comes from written accounts. The art of bookbinding was, for much of our history, an important physical aspect of knowledge accumulation and dissemination. It can also encompass several other crafts such as illumination or calligraphy.

Living in the Mud (Ben Claasz Coockson)

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Review for a Mudbrick City Wall at Hattuša (Seeher, 2007)

COŞKUNSU, G., "Review for a Mudbrick City Wall at Hattuša (Seeher, 2007)", euroREA. Journal for (Re)construction and Experiment in Archaeology, vol. 7-2010, Hradec Králové, EXARC, pp. 69-71, 04/2010.


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