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A Universal Toy

BROWN, R. H., "A Universal Toy", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 47, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 87-88, Spring 2014.

Book Review: Journal Of of Archaeological And and Anthropological Sciences by L. Shillito, E. Fairnell and H. S. Williams (ed)

Katy Whitaker (UK)
A set of eleven articles resulting from the call for papers for the Sixth UK Experimental Archaeology Conference (held in York in January 2012) is now published in a special issue of the Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences...

From traces to function of ornaments: some Neolithic examples

BONNARDIN, S., "From traces to function of ornaments: some Neolithic examples", Prehistoric Technology 40 Years Later: Functional Studies and the Russian Legacy, vol. BAR 1783, Oxford, Archaeopress, pp. 297-308, 2008.

Zur Technologie neolithischer Knochenmeissel

UERPMANN, H-P., "Zur Technologie neolithischer Knochenmeissel", Archäologische Informationen, issue 3/4, Bonn, Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Ur- Und Frühgeschichte, pp. 137-141, 1974.


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