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La Balsa

ALSAR, V., La Balsa, New York, Reader’s Digest Press, 1973.

Conference: Experiment and Experience: Ancient Egypt in the Present

Jodi Reeves Flores (UK)

Experiment and Experience: Ancient Egypt in the Present was held at the University of Wales, Swansea, by The Egypt Centre and The Department of History the 10-12 May 2010...

Book Review: Sailing into the Past: Learning from Replica Ships by Jenny Bennett (ed)

Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

There must be hundreds of wooden ship replicas across the world, not only the ‘Viking ships’ in Scandinavia, but – as the book Sailing into the past shows, there are many medieval and more recent ones...

The Theory of the Archaeological Raft: Motivation, Method, and Madness in Experimental Archaeology

P.J. Capelotti (US)

Between 1947 and 2006, nearly forty expeditions set out in recreated maritime drift vessels to demonstrate hypotheses with varying levels of relevance to archaeology and cultural diffusion. This paper divides the motivations of these expeditions into four major categories...

Fotevikens Museum (SE)

25 km south of Malmö, Sweden, you will find the Archaeological Open-Air Museum of Foteviken. Inside a city wall open toward the sea, the world’s only attempt to recreate an entire Viking Age town shows a number of streets with 23 houses and homesteads...

Experimentelle Archäologie und das Meer

GÖRLITZ, D., "Experimentelle Archäologie und das Meer", Plattform, Zeitschrift des Vereins für Pfahlbau und Heimatkunde e.v., vol. 2008/09, issue 17/18, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Verein für Pfahlbau und Heimatkunde e.V., pp. 45-51, 2010.

Mořský hřebec z Glendalough

DVOŘÁKOVÁ, J. K., "Mořský hřebec z Glendalough", Živá Archeologie, (Re)konstrukce a experiment v archeologii, vol. 9/2008, Hradec Králové, FHS Univerzity Hradec Králové, pp. 33-34, 2008.


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