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From Mead to Snakebite - An Ethnography of Modern British University Sports Team Drinking Culture and its Parallels with the Drinking Rituals of the Viking World

Matt Austin (UK)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***The idea for this paper came, as these things often do, in a bar. The interesting twist was that instead of being an inebriated patron, I was actually working behind the bar observing the scenes of intoxicated students with a bemused expression. What began as a joke...

Where Were the Viking Brew Houses?

Graham Dineley & Merryn Dineley (UK)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***The authors have over 15 years' experience in experimenting with recreating ancient and traditional techniques of making ale from malted grain. Graham is a craft brewer, with 30 years' experience making beer from the grain. Merryn is an archaeologist, with an interest in malting and brewing technologies...

The Durrington Maltsters

DINELEY, M., "The Durrington Maltsters", British Archaeology, No. 5, vol. 98, York, Council for British Archaeology (CBA), pp. xx-xx, 2008.

From Grain to Ale: Skara Brae, a Case Study

DINELEY, M., "From Grain to Ale: Skara Brae, a Case Study", Neolithic Orkney in its European Context, vol. chptr 16, Cambridge, University of Cambridge, pp. xx-xx, 2002.


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