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Book Review: Die Knochen- und Geweihgeräte der Feddersen Wierde by Katrin Struckmeyer

Wietske Prummel (NL)
The purpose of this book, which was originally presented as a dissertation at Hamburg University, is to present the 1,293 bone, antler, horn and ivory tools that were found at the terp settlement Feddersen Wierde in the coastal area of Lower Saxony, Germany, and to decide on the possible functions of the tools.

What was the state of hygiene and health care in a lake fortress (LV)?

The lake fortress had a privy and a bathhouse or sauna, located on the perimeter of the complex. Hair was combed with bone and antler combs, and with combs made of pig bristles. Clothes were washed by beating...

Was there a division of roles in the early Middle Ages (NL)?

There was a traditional division of roles. Women in general took care of the children. They herded and milked the cattle and sheep and fed the chickens. Shaving sheep, plucking wool,...

Conference: The 6th Experimental Conference, York

Ruth Fillery-Travis (UK)

The 6th Experimental Conference, 6-7th January 2012, York Established in 2006 with a workshop at UCL London, the Experimental Archaeology Conference is an annual event aiming to bring together experimental practitioners from Europe and afield. Since 2006 it has been held at a variety of locations in England and Scotland...


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