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Issue 2016/3

© EXARC, 2016; ISSN: 2212-8956; Publishing date: August 15, 2016

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The list below shows the members Only Contents of Issue 2016-3

Archaeological Open-Air Museum

An Energy Saving House from 3400 Years Ago
Irene Staeves (DE)

A Different Look at the Past — a Tour with Objects at the Archaeological Open-Air Museum Oerlinghausen
Sylvia Crumbach (DE)

Experimental Archaeology

Hut 1 of Tornambé, Pietraperzia: an Experimental Project for Prehistoric Sicily Studies<
Claudia Speciale and Kati Caruso (IT)

Ancient Technology

Cooking in Baskets Using Hot Rocks
Jonathan Thornton (US)

Recycled Flint Cores as Teaching Tools: Flintknapping at Archaeological Open-Air Museums
Matthew Swieton and Linda Hurcombe (UK)


The Attack on the Tooth Worm
Wiel van der Mark (NL)