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Issue 2016/1

© EXARC, 2016; ISSN: 2212-8956; Publishing date: February 15, 2016

Between publishing dates of the online issues, we are presenting the Mixed Matters articles, which are open to non-members as well as EXARC Members. They will be added on weekly base till this issue is published. The other articles are peer-reviewed and for members only, will be published on February 15, 2016.

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The list below shows the members Only Contents of Issue 2016-1

Archaeological Open-Air Museum

Playing with the Past? Or Saving Our Future?
Luke Winter (UK)

Experimental Archaeology

Diagenesis in Modern, Danish, Burned Pig Bone
Anne Juul Jensen (DK)

Problems and Suggested Solutions in the Replication and Operation of a Glass Furnace based on Roman Remains: An Experiment in Glass Production
E. Lauermann, G. Putzgruber and D. Götzinger (AT)

Ancient Technology

The Role of Saltmarsh Plants in Iron Age and Roman Salt Production in the Thames Estuary, UK
Edward Biddulph (UK)


The Value of Experience: Lessons from a Study of Reenactment
Samantha Hartford (UK)