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Świętokrzyskie Stow. Dziedzictwa Przemysłowego (PL)

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The association promotes the cultural and scientific heritage of our region. We would like to arouse awareness in the inhabitants of the region as well as in tourists visiting this part of the country that one of the basic values of our province is the heritage of the past and especially the industrial traditions.

In this respect none of other Polish regions can be compared with the Kielce area. This area is well known as a huge iron production site, dating back to the Iron Age and excavated by archaeologists Radwan & Bielenin. The remains of Neolithic mines as well as the district dealing with iron production in the Roman times have no counterparts, even on the European scale.

The promotion of the heritage of the past generations treated as a scientific, cultural and tourist value is aimed at creating a positive image of this area outside it and at strengthening the local communities in their attempts to establish their identity based on noble traditions and open to entering the European structures. Therefore one of our objectives is to highlight these aspects of the heritage of the past which indicate the cross-regional significance and processes which were taking place in our region from the ancient times till the modern times.

Świętokrzyskie Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwa Przemysłowego work closely with Dymarki Centre of Experimental Archaeology and Archeopark Żelazne Korzenie.
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Świętokrzyskie Stowarzyszenie Dziedzictwa Przemysłowego
ul. Zamkowa 5
25-009 Kielce
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