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Polo Biblio-museale Comune di Galatina (IT)

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The basic goal of the museum-library centre, along with the Town Administration Council, lies in the preservation and promotion of the local cultural heritage, in a joint effort shared by other local institutions (academic and religious ones) and civic associations such as the Archaeological club. The mission of the centre is defined also by the E.U. guidelines in the fields of research, education and culture fruition. The museum is presently aiming at interacting with foreign visitors, out of respect for other European citizens and overseas people, granting fair treatment and integration.

The municipality has been backing cultural initiatives such as the so-called "Medieval Night", with people dressing the ancient clothes of that period in the summer time and activities of study and valorization of the most important monuments, first of all the medieval abbey of Santa Caterina (the second most
important nationwide frescoed medieval basilica).The museum-library centre hosts laboratorial activities for children, who are educated in medieval and postmedieval history and architecture of the town (see pictures).
In 2014 the centre staged two important exhibitions along with the University of Salento. In these two events the municipality involved the faculty of Engineering, with his Informatics researchers who experimented new technologies for the fruition of historical books e.g. manuscripts, incunabula and XVIth century editions (see picture). Lately the municipality summoned an informal archaeological commission, who is working in the halls of the museum-library centre (preliminary phase), in order to achieve a mapping of the archaeological sites in the feud of Galatina. This would be the first step towards the creation of an open-air museum.

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Polo Biblio-museale Comune di Galatina
Piazza Alighieri 51 Piazza Umberto I, 40
73013 Galatina-Lecce
(39) 0836561568

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ancient books exhibition by new...
ancient books exhibition by new...
museum laboratorial activities for children
museum laboratorial activities for children
rielaborating architectonical heritage
rielaborating architectonical heritage