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Vasilka Dimitrovska, M. Sci.

Founder and president
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Vasilka Dimitrovska works as a field archaeologist at HAEMUS. She is researcher and blogger from the Republic of Macedonia, engaged in public archaeology and cultural heritage. Vasilka is a Ms. Sci. in archaeology from University of Belgrade, and currently is a PhD. candidate in prehistoric archaeology. She takes part in many excavations, writes and publishes scientific and popular articles on archaeological issues, participates in public debates and symposiums and gives professional advice. Her area of expertise in archaeology is prehistory, mainly stone tools, technology and raw materials. In 2010 Vasilka was proclaimed one of the most influential bloggers in the Balkans and accepted the award for best promoter of cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia. She is a member of EAA, AARG and MAND. She supports the use of CC licenses and free and open access to knowledge on the Internet. Vasilka is also a professional licensed tourist guide with permission from the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia