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Pascale Barnes


Pascale Barnes studied Human Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, USA. She moved to the UK in 1985 where she worked for economic development consultancy in London, organising international workshops and conferences in the UK and Europe, liaising with European Commission officials and proofreading documents intended for publication. She also worked as a free-lance headhunter for a British company, focussing on recruitment in France and Belgium. She
joined the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne in 2004.

Over the past 12 years her role as Administrator has greatly diversified as the centre has developed and grown. Her day-to-day duties include liaising directly with schools and visitors, developing
and organising public events, managing the ATC social media profiles, attending outreach events on behalf of the centre and occasionally teaches groups.  She has first-hand experience of the practical
application of experimental archaeological research in the dissemination of ancient skills, crafts and construction and enjoys participating in the various projects ongoing at the ATC.

Pascale holds dual American and French nationalities, is fluent in English and French, has some working knowledge of Italian and is learning Spanish.