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Park in The Past Community Interest Company (UK)

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Park in The Past is an ambitious plan to restore an old sand and gravel quarry near Hope, in Flintshire to create a unique ancient environment based on the 1st Century AD - at the very moment when the Roman Legions arrived, bringing with them new technologies and a new culture - changes that some call the beginnings of our Nation State.

We want your support to help us bring back the ancient flora and fauna, remove or control invasive species, and create an amazing recreational area that will literally allow you to walk through the landscape of your ancestors, to experience biodiversity not seen in this country for well over a century. The smell and texture of such a landscape will be a marvel in itself, and serve as a timely reminder of the environmental price of industrialisation and intensive farming.

We seek to work with University-based experts to build a fully functional Roman fort and an Iron Age farmstead set within the original environment, which uniquely will be sustainably managed to allow us to supply, maintain and operate these facilities using locally produced materials and produce. We will grow crops and raise livestock, plant woodland and coppice to provide timber and charcoal for use over the coming years and decades. In creating this legacy of materials for the future management of the Park in The Past, together we will begin to open a window on the lives of our ancestors who thought in these timescales and worked to a seasonal rhythm, culture, belief, life and death.

We believe that this unique project has huge appeal to historical enthusiasts, nature lovers, students, researchers, and people who are just looking for something different - truly all-encompassing vision that, at its heart seeks to provide full engagement for all, to encourage involvement and ownership from its participants.

This is a lifelong project, which will improve year on year as trees mature, and the local wildlife population benefits from our ecological restoration programme – a legacy that will continue to develop to be handed on to the next generation.

We believe that Park in The Past will become a signature project just for this local community, this county of Flintshire, or even the whole of Wales: We believe we can create a World Class centre for tourism, education and research that will attract a worldwide audience for the truly amazing depth of culture and history of Flintshire over the last 2,000 years. A landscape ‘time machine’ which will spring board economic development, create Jobs and opportunities for this region through national and international tourism brought from the international focus such a project is destined to achieve.

The organisation behind this vision, Park in The Past Community Interest Company has been created so that any profits will be ploughed straight back into the project.

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Park in The Past Community Interest Company
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