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Museo Archeologico Castello San Giorgio (IT)

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The Museo Archeologico is hosted in the Castle of San Giorgio, the monument which best represents the historical vicissitudes of La Spezia. The lower floor of the castle houses exhibits pertaining to the life of the territory from the Pleistocene age up to Romanisation.

The most important element here is the collection of statue stelae produced in the Copper Age and Iron Age. The upper floor contains the Roman remains coming from the area of Luni.

Since 2005, we organise the Paleofestival, a combination of education and experimental archaeology workshops. This helps us disseminating prehistory. Thanks to the participation of special technical operators, most of them graduated in archaeology, open-air museums and archaeological parks, Paleofestival offers activities increasingly diversified. Activities covered are for example stone chipping, the use of the atlatl, milling of cereals, meat slaughter, creation and firing pottery, weaving, rock painting, working horn, plants identification from seeds, use of primitive musical instruments, copper and bronze smelting.
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Museo Archeologico Castello San Giorgio
Via XXVII Marzo
19121 La Spezia
(39) 018-7751142

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