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In Borg in Lofoten, archeologists have excavated the longest Viking house ever found in the world of the Vikings. Close by the original site, the long house has been reconstructed in its full size. The house is open to visitors all year.

Reconstructed longhouse from nearby find
The finds in and around the house and in the vicinity all tells us that the people of Borg must have been mighty and powerful. The chieftain and his wife were fishermen, farmers and tradesmen. Many of the archaeological finds proves that the chieftain of Borg had extensive contact with Europe.

The 83 meter long building has been divided into the rooms as we know them from the original site; living quarters, banquet hall, storage room, stable for farm animals. Each of the rooms has been given their original functions – except the stable. Visitors may watch demonstrations of handcraft, see the woodcarvings, textiles and other decorations, feel the atmosphere of the long house. During summer, we serve lamb stew in the banquet hall, and our visitors may ask questions and talk to our Viking costume craftsmen/-women and guides.

As the summer season is short and intense, guides from various European countries work here for 3 months to return again for the winter. Demonstrations of various prehistoric crafts take place during the season, with specialists from all across Europe attending.

In the former stable we have mounted an exhibition on the beliefs of the Vikings, based on Yggdrasil, the world serpent Midgardsormen, the wells at the foot of Yggdrasil – and more.

Exhibition halls and film
In 2011, Lofotr Viking Museum opened a new part of the museum – brand new exhibitions halls and film theatre, close by the chieftain´s house. Here, we tell our visitors the history on how Borg was discovered, the excavations and of course, some of the archeological finds. A 12 minute film, “Dreaming of Borg”, lets our guest travel 1000 years back in time, already before they enter the Chieftain´s house. The visitors guides themselves through the exhibitions and film, assisted by modern audio guide system (ear phones and pick ups), available in 6 different languages. In the Chieftain´s house and elsewhere in the museum, as many as 10 different languages are being spoken by our Viking costumed guides/craftsmen/-women.

Viking ships, reconstructed boat house and forge
In addition to the Chieftain´s house and the exhibition halls, the museum also has a reconstructed boat house, large enough to hold our biggest Viking ship “Lofotr”. “Lofotr” is a full scale replica of the Gokstad Viking ship. During summer, visitors are allowed on board to row the Viking ship – a very popular activity. The museum also has another ship, “Vargfotr”, also a replica of the Gokstad ship but in about 65 % size. The smallest Viking boat is the “femkeiping”, a replica of one of the small boats on the Oseberg Viking ship.

Activities for the family
By the sea and the boathouse, we also have a forge/smithy. During summer, the blacksmith is working 5 days a week on different projects. On the nearby activity area for children and adults, you can try your hand at axe-throwing, archery and other Viking activities.

Farm animals
On the museum area, farm animals of old races are grazing. Horses, wild boars, wild sheep and the Nordland cows – they are all very cute and popular!

Café, museum gift shop, arrangements for groups and individuals
The museum holds a large museum gift shop and a cafeteria. The museum is open all year, from May to mid September every day. Groups may pre-book visits all year, every day.

The museum offers evening arrangements and meals all year. Groups may choose from a range of menus, which includes Viking style food and storytelling of the Viking age – through theatre, singing and dancing. These arrangements are being considered very attractive among different groups – specially the course/conference segment. Also individual travellers may attend on special arrangements.

Lofotr Viking Festival
Lofotr Viking Museum has several arrangement every year, the major one if the Lofotr Viking Festival. This is taking place every year in August (first year 2004) and is a big attraction to both locals and tourist. Viking re-enactors are coming from various countries to participate in the 5 day long festival (market, games, competitions, theatre, rowing the Viking ship, lectures, workshops etc.).

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