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Legio IIII Scythica (BG)

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We are a Roman group on the territory of the Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja in Bulgaria) presenting the life of the 1st century AD. We were founded in 2010 in Dobrich (Bulgaria) as a Roman historical re-enactment association.

We are known as "IV Legion Scythica" but our official name is "Association for Historical Reconstruction Re-Enactment-Scytia Minor - IV Legion Scythica" / "Сдружение За Исторически Реконструкции-Скития Минор - Iv Легион Скитика". Our name is derived from the historical Legio IV Scythica which was during the first century AD was present on the territory of the Roman province of Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja).
Our activities are aimed at re-enacting and living history, mainly regarding events in Roman history. We from Legio IV Scythica can help to attractively run projects related to Ancient Roman History. We are well prepared and equipped with Roman and Hellenic-Thracian equipment. For more details please come visit our page on Facebook. We will be happy to meet friends and associates.

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Legio IIII Scythica
yl. Vasil Levski 7
9300 Dobrich
(+359) 888613107

People Behind

Primvs Pilvs, Chairman of the Club
Aquilifer, Co-founder of the Club