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La haute-Ile (FR)

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The archaeological open-air museum "La Haute-Île" is managed by the Cultural Heritage Office of the “Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis” in France. Two full time employees and five part time employees work in La Haute-Île. It is integrated in a 160,55 acres wide landscape park, located at 15 kilometres east from Paris by the river Marne. La Haute-Île was officially founded in 2008 to improve the accessibility to the results of archaeological research and raise awareness of the territory's cultural heritage.

La Haute-Île is active in its “public service” mission by a free access to the archaeological open-air museum. It offers reconstructions on several archaeological periods (Mesolithic -today, Neolithic and Antiquity -to come) to the general public.

Scientific archaeological data are provided by local excavations that took and will take place on site since the beginning of the park creation. Mediation for scholars and general public using outdoor exhibitions and immersive reconstructions helps translating the local scientific data.

The main topic of the presentations is "the evolution of the link between human societies and their environment" based on a chronological approach. The Mesolithic reconstruction part is still in process but running since March 2008. It is divided into 3 linked subsections: the environmental section, the daily life of Mesolithic people section, and the research section. These pathways through the park forest refer to the link between humans and their environment in Mesolithic times, introducing ancient crafts activities and workshops (flint knapping, fire making, basketry, hide tanning, wood working techniques and so on) and hypothetical life scale reconstructions of settlements.
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Parc départemental de la Haute-Île
Avenue Jean Jaurès
93330 Neuilly-Sur-Marne
(33) 1-55830149

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