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Freilichtmuseum Petronell - Archäologischer Park Carnuntum (AT)

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In the first century AD, Carnuntum was the site of a Roman military camp where the amber road and the limes road crossed. The flourishing Roman Era seizes shortly after the Romans left in the 5th century.

After some excavations, Emperor Franz Joseph had opened an archaeological museum as early as 1904. Excavations are still ongoing. Main goals are the excavation and conservation of Parts of the civilian area of Carnuntum (mean city of the Province Pannonia Superior). Reconstructing applying experimental Archaeology.

In the archaeological park, an archaeological open-air museum is situated, called Petronell with buildings of the non-military village near the Roman camp. The buildings are reconstructed on the original spot. You can visit the house of a cloth merchant and a reconstructed town villa showing the life of Roman upper class. A tour through the civilian city of Carnuntum reveals the secrets of temples, public baths and Roman markets, of ancient joie-de-vivre and pleasure.

Nearby you will find many original Roman ruins, like of the amphitheatre not reconstructed (yet). Shows are staged here in the Summer months.
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Archäologischer Park Carnuntum, Betriebsges.m.b.H. (NÖ) Haupttraße 4
2404 Petronell-Carnuntum
(43) 2163-33770

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