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Experimentelle Archäologie Schweiz / Archéologie Expérimentale Suisse (EAS / AES) (CH)

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EAS / AES – workgroup for experimental archaeology in Swirtzerland (both in French & German) EAS is an association with about 100 members in Switzerland and abroad, which are actively or passively support experimental archaeology and promote it.

EAS offers a platform for the promotion of experimental archaeology in Switzerland; founded in 1993, its constitution was established in 1998. Its inception was inspired, among other events, by the ‘Pfahlbauland’ exhibition in Zurich and the desire among experts in the field to exchange their knowledge. EAS promotes the establishment of experimental archaeology as an archaeological research method. It is a network of people who are interested and actively involved in experimental archaeology and maintains links with experimental archaeology associations in Switzerland and abroad. As a platform for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge the association publishes an annual report with contributions submitted by its members.

The members of the working group are professionals working in museums and in various institutions as education and outreach officers, archaeologists or researchers. They conduct archaeological experiments, create reconstructions and replicas, teach crafts at museums, in schools or at other events, offer courses, or simply have a keen interest in experimental archaeology.

EAS members have carried out and continue to carry out a variety of projects, which include the following:

Celtic coin manufacture, the processing of various types of bark and bast, nettle fibres, rushes and other fibres, experiments in flint knapping, experiments in Neolithic farming, the making of the wheel from Cortaillod – a masterpiece of casting technology, using ‘Greek’ firing techniques in a pottery kiln, recreating the Hochdorf couch.

Reconstructions and replicas:
The reconstruction of a section of a Roman cavalry barracks, the reconstruction of a Horgen Culture ‘Arbon house’, manufacturing flanged tiles using clay from a Roman pit, the reconstruction of Ötzi’s shoes, a Neolithic lime bast hat and the Schnidejoch bow.

Hands-on archaeology:
This includes the projects: "Archaeology: searching for traces – experienced and reconstructed history", "Come along to the past" (youth camp), and "The pile dwellers from Pfyn – the Stone Age live".

Our projects are published in the EAS reports and on our homepage:,

Source Image: Katrin Schäppi, AEAS



Arbeitsgruppe für Experimentelle Archäologie in der Schweiz (AEAS)
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