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The Medieval Centre is turning 25 years

Event date: 
Thursday, 30 June, 2016 to Sunday, 3 July, 2016
Kind of Event: 
for Public

25 years ago there was only a field, now there is a whole medieval town celebrating its 25. Anniversary. The Medieval Centre is turning 25 years!
Much has happened since the first trebuchet was build as an anniversary mark of the town of Nykøbings 600 years birthday. Now there is a market town with craftsmen, a harbour with ships and a market square.
The Medieval Centre was one of the first places to do this kind of experimental archaeology and doing living history. It marked the beginning of a new way of thinking living history and open air museums.
This weekend (30. June – 3. July) we celebrate ourselves and our town with a grand event. Re-enactors from all over Europa a joining us and we mark the days with grand tournaments, weapons fights, food, a big market, lovely ladies and knights in shiny armour.

It is the 25th anniversary of The Medieval Centre and we are celebrating with a fantastic event.
We have invited the best re-enactors from all over Europe to join us in the celebration.
Meet knights, soldiers, ladies, pilgrims, merchants and many other medieval travellers from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July.
There will be grand tournaments, the trebuchets will fire every day, the cannons will be demonstrated and the small town of Sundkøbing will be full of life
The event is kicked off with a big joust on Thursday the 30. of June at 14:00:

The Medieval Centre has arranged jousts for a quarter of a century, always working to keep them as close to the original as possible. But a joust to mark the 25th anniversary of the Centre itself must perforce be something out of the ordinary.

Thus, all hands are on deck for the Silver Jubilee of the Medieval Centre!
Inspired by the special allegorical jousts of the Middle Ages, where the knights were dressed up as mythological characters or legendary heroes, Good will face Evil, Hate will meet Love - embodied by the Black and the White Knight - in a fierce battle for the life of God Cupid himself!
If the Black Knight is victorious, darkness will ascend, love and tenderness will wither, and the forces of darkness will forever be unleashed on Earth… but if the White Knight triumphs love and kindness will descend on the entire town of Sundkøbing!
Come join in on the celebration!

10:00 The Medieval Centre opens
10.30-11.30: The archery range is open
12:00 Demonstration of the trebuchets
14:00 Tournament
15:30 The small trebuchet and cannons are demonstrated
16:00-16:45 The archery range is open
17:00 The Medieval Centre closes
Other activities will take place outside the program also.