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Interpreting the past in Denmark and the US

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Wednesday, 20 June, 2012 to Tuesday, 10 July, 2012
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Washington College, Chestertown, MD (USA)

Interpreting the past: the ethical, political and economic factors influencing how history is portrayed.
We are exposed to and learn about our past in a variety of ways. The social, political, and economic factors influencing how interpretations are made, and the context within which we are exposed to them, all influence how we perceive history. The typical antiquarian museum that has persisted for centuries is no longer the only model for the delivery of these interpretations. There are now many virtual “time machines” such as experimental archaeology, archaeological open-air museums, re-enactments, and gatherings that allow us to gain access to our past in a variety of ways. During this course students will be immersed in the various ways the past is interpreted to the public through site visits, behind-the-scene tours, lectures, discussions, readings, and reflection.
Locations: from 6/20 – 6/29 students will be based out of Washington College located in Chestertown, MD. From 6/30 – 7/10 students will be based out of Lejre: Land of Legends open-air museum and experimental archaeology research center, Denmark.
Cost: $ 2,600 + Roundtrip flight to Copenhagen, Denmark
(estimated total cost $ 4,000)


Dr. Bill Schindler, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, 300 Washington Avenue, Washington College, 21620
(1) 410-778-8993