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Experimenteller Guss von wikingerzeitlichen Barockspangen. Eine Vorstudie

NEISS, M., and J. SITELL, "Experimenteller Guss von wikingerzeitlichen Barockspangen. Eine Vorstudie", Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa, Bilanz 2012, vol. Heft 11, Unteruhldingen, Europäische Vereinigung zur Förderung der Experimentellen Archäologie e.V., pp. 151-164, 2012.

Book Review: The Boyne Currach: From Beneath the Shadows of Newgrange By Claidhbh Ó Gibne

Tom Jackson (IE)

Claidhbh Ó Gibne has devoted himself to building traditional currachs and researching their history. His new volume, The Boyne Currach: From beneath the shadows of Newgrange, puts the currach in the context of the history of...

Conference: The 2nd Annual Seminar of Experimental Archaeology in Norway

Lotte Eigeland (NO)

Twenty-seven participants gathered at Hringariki museum at Hønefoss in Eastern Norway during a two-day conference from September 1st thru 2nd, 2012...

Book Review: Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa - Bilanz 2011

Sina Klausnitz (DE)
Bilanz 2011 once again supplies an exciting, diverse and interesting view into the world of experimental archaeology. Published by EXAR in cooperation with the Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen, Isensee Verlag, Oldenburg 2011, 270 pp, ISBN 978-3-89995-794-5

Vikingabyn Storholmen Norden (SE)

In 1996, two enthusiasts got the initiative to start a Viking village at the site where previously 199 Iron Age / Viking Age (800-1000 AD) burial mounds were discovered. They soon started cooperation with two local association: the “Aquila Maritimus forn- och medeltidsförening” and the “Roslagens turistintressenter”...

Pravěká osada Křivolík (CZ)

"One observes cave paintings of their ancestors and wants to know their meaning. When we stand before these images, we see the same eyes...

Review of the 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Cardiff 2013

Heather Hopkins (UK)

The 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference was held on 12-13th January 2013. This annual event, first held in 2006. This year it was hosted jointly by the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University and St Fagan’s Open-Air Museum. Seventy-five delegates originally booked to attend, but one hundred actually attended each day...

Historia Vivens (IT)

Historia Vivens & Memory of Stones is a private project especially devoted to favour the rediscovering and promoting of the European heritage: historical sites, open-air living history and folk museums...


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