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Wiercenie otworów w toporach kamiennych

OSIPOWICZ, G., "Wiercenie otworów w toporach kamiennych", Skanseny Archeologiczne i Archeologia Eksperymentalna, Krosno, Muzeum Podkarpackie w Krośnie, pp. 545-558, 2012.

Book Review: Experiments Past Edited by Jodi Reeves Flores and Roeland P. Paardekooper

Clara Masriera i Esquerra (CAT)
The publication in 1979 of the John Coles’ book Experimental Archaeology can be called the vademecum of the experimental archaeology. Many particular experiments have been published since then, such as A Bibliography of Replicative Experiments in Archaeology (Graham et al. 1972) and...

Archeopark Živá archeológia Hanušovce (SK)

The Archeopark illustrates with five dwellings the history of the region from the Palaeolithic to the Early Middle Ages.

Centro Nacional De Investigación Sobre La Evolución Humana (ES)

CENIEH is a Research Centre belonging to the national network of Unique Science & Technology Infrastructures (ICTS). Its laboratories are open to scientific and technological use for the national and international scientific and technological community...

From the Minutes of “Universities & Experimental Archaeology” Roundtable Discussion 7th May 2014

H. Steane Price (UK) and
R. Paardekooper (NL)
EXARC, Experimenta and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid invited several universities to a round table meeting in Madrid, in May 2014. EXARC's aim was to bring colleagues into one room to share their experiences in handling experimental archaeology from an academic perspective...

Food Workshop in Archeon at OpenArch conference 2013

Rüdiger Kelm (DE)
OpenArch Dialogue with Skills Issue
***Food and drink are basic needs for every human being. From the perspective of our modern culinary practices, with all its specialities and customs, the traditional cuisines, and especially the pre- and protohistoric dishes, seem not only very far away, but also very primitive and have a negative connotation...

Experiments With A Finger-Drill

GROOM, P., "Experiments With A Finger-Drill", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 46, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 10-16, Fall 2013.


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