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Nazi Era

Book Review: Experimentelle Archäologie. Eine Gratwanderung zwischen Wissenschaft und Kommerz by Dirk Vorlauf

Wulf Hein (DE)

The name Dirk Vorlauf is closely connected to the history of experimental archaeology in Germany. From the late1980s, the Vorlauf has conducted several experiments testing archaeological hypotheses, and he is critically involved in methodology and theory...

Book Review: Experimental Archaeology by John Coles

Heather Hopkins (UK)

It may appear odd or redundant to reprint a book that was published in 1979. The subject will have moved on, more will have been discovered, new techniques will have been developed. But this is partly the point: Experimental Archaeology by John Coles is a foundation text for the subject as a whole...

Archäologisches FreilichtMuseum Oerlinghausen (DE)

Southeast of Bielefeld near the Teutoburger Forrest, one finds the Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen (AFM), originally founded by the “Reichsverband für Deutsche Vorgeschichte” as a political presentation of...

Geschichte aus dem Papierkorb – zu einem ungewöhnlichen Bildfund

SCHÖBEL, G., "Geschichte aus dem Papierkorb – zu einem ungewöhnlichen Bildfund", Plattform, Zeitschrift des Vereins für Pfahlbau und Heimatkunde e.v., vol. 2008/09, issue 17/18, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Verein für Pfahlbau und Heimatkunde e.V., pp. 60-86, 2010.

An Archaeological Experiment with Buried Textiles

RYDER, M. L., "An Archaeological Experiment with Buried Textiles", Archaeological Textiles Newsletter (ATN), vol. 24, Copenhagen, Centre for Textile Research (CTR), pp. 8-10, 1997.


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