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Historisches Museum Bern (CH)

In the occasion of the exhibition "Die Pfahlbauer – am wasser und uber die Alpen" a (re)construction of a prehistoric house is being built in front of the Historical Museum of Bern.

Stoking the Flames: Towards an Archaeology of Fire

Organised by: 
Ellen McInnes, Lauren Doughton, and Rhiannon Pettit (University of Manchester)
Event date: 
Monday, 15 December, 2014 to Wednesday, 17 December, 2014
Kind of Event: 
for Professionals

Book Review: Experiments Past Edited by Jodi Reeves Flores and Roeland P. Paardekooper

Clara Masriera i Esquerra (CAT)
The publication in 1979 of the John Coles’ book Experimental Archaeology can be called the vademecum of the experimental archaeology. Many particular experiments have been published since then, such as A Bibliography of Replicative Experiments in Archaeology (Graham et al. 1972) and...

Charcoal Burners' Week

Organised by: 
Organised by: 
Stichting Vliegende Houtskoolbrander
Event date: 
Saturday, 20 September, 2014 to Sunday, 28 September, 2014
Kind of Event: 
for Public

Metalwork use-wear analysis: The loss of innocence

Organised by: 
Association of Archaeological Wear and Residue Analysts (AWRANA)
Event date: 
Wednesday, 27 May, 2015 to Saturday, 30 May, 2015
Kind of Event: 
for Professionals

Washington College - Department of Anthropology

Washington College offers unique opportunities for exploring anthropology, or the study of human nature and human society. Courses focus on evolution and societal development, traditional ecological knowledge, environmental anthropology, experimental archaeology, and archaeological ethics...

From the Minutes of “Universities & Experimental Archaeology” Roundtable Discussion 7th May 2014

H. Steane Price (UK) and
R. Paardekooper (NL)
EXARC, Experimenta and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid invited several universities to a round table meeting in Madrid, in May 2014. EXARC's aim was to bring colleagues into one room to share their experiences in handling experimental archaeology from an academic perspective...

Reinventing the Egyptian Pulley

Stephen Blakely and
Gregory Blakely (US)
8th UK EA Conference Oxford 2014
***The Egyptian pulley incorporates several novel, useful features. The design involves only significant compressive loading of its two components. The materials of construction are high compressive strength materials...


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