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Experiments on clothing – revealing more than expected

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Cosmeston Medieval Village (WLS)

Just south of Cardiff you will find Penarth. When in the 1970s the Cosmeston Lakes Country Park was created, traces of some medieval occupation were uncovered: a fortified manor house with settlement...

Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort (WLS)

Many monuments survive in Wales, but most are seen as alien: belonging to predominating foreigners. This is not the case for the native Iron Age Castell Henllys. In 1980 Hugh Foster purchased the land in order to build an archaeological theme park. He thought, the real thing might be just as exciting as fiction like for example an Asterix theme park...

Roman Legion

ZIENKIEWICZ, D., Roman Legion: National Museums and Galleries of Wales - Amgueddfeydd ac Orielau Cenedlaethol Cymry, pp. 36, 1994.

The Usk Mail hook reconstruction

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The reconstruction of a leather tent

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Roman Reconstruction in Manchester

SUMNER, G., "Roman Reconstruction in Manchester", Exercitus, vol. 2, issue 4, London, The Ermine Street Guard, pp. 65, Spring, 1988.


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