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Conference: EXARC General Meeting 2010

Jodi Reeves Flores (UK)

The EXARC General Meeting was held in Cardiff, Wales, UK from the 5-7 of March 2010. Participants visited St. Fagans, an open-air museum, on Saturday the 6th. This review focuses on the papers and the discussion that took place on Sunday the 7th, entitled Open Air and Experimental Archaeology in the UK: recent work and ongoing projects...

Faterion Hanes - History Matters (WLS)

History Matters interpret heritage sites to visitors and provides the resources to enhance and complement historical monuments and heritage events...

Amgueddfa Cymru – St Fagans National History Museum (WLS)

Located to the northwest of Cardiff, the museum was created in 1946 in the grounds of St Fagans Castle. It features dozens of reconstructed buildings, brought from across Wales, and three Iron Age roundhouses based on...

The Durrington Maltsters

DINELEY, M., "The Durrington Maltsters", British Archaeology, No. 5, vol. 98, York, Council for British Archaeology (CBA), pp. xx-xx, 2008.


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