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Alaska Native Heritage Centre (US)

Today, Athabascans live throughout Alaska and the Lower 48, returning to their home territories to harvest trad

Town Creek Indian Mound (US)

Town Creek State Historic Site has been the focus of a consistent program of archaeological research under one

Tryon Palace (US)

Tryon Palace nowadays also houses the North Carolina History Center, featuring interactive

The Historic Village at Allaire (US)

The Historic Village at Allaire is a living history museum that interprets the Howell Iron Works Company founded in 1822. The museum demonstrates historic crafts such as blacksmithing, hearth cooking, carpentry, tinsmithing, and many others.

Fort Davis National Historic Site (US)

A key post in the defence system of west Texas, Fort Davis played a major role in the history of the Southwest. From 1854 until 1891, troops stationed at the post protected emigrants, freighters, mail coaches, and travellers on the San Antonio-El Paso Road. Today Fort Davis is one of the best remaining examples of a frontier military post. It is a vivid reminder of the significant role played by the military in the settlement and development of the western frontier.


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