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Titterstone Clee Heritage Trust (UK)

The Trust has a project in which reconstructions of prehistoric shelter and iron age roundhouse are centres to engage visitors in the archaeological and historical heritage of the land.

Felin Uchaf (WLS)

Set in Wales, Felin Uchaf is a centre for holistic education in which ancient technologies are taught and lived by volunteers and where local community has a centre for sharing cultural and spiritual experiences.

Book Review: Prehistory Hands-On by C. Henderson

Roeland Paardekooper (NL)
Celtic Harmony is an Iron Age-like village and education centre north of London, providing natural & cultural heritage education. Hands-on activities and events based on Britain's Celtic culture promote a more sustainable way of life in harmony with the natural world...

Howick house (UK)

The mesolithic hut in Howick was reconstructed in situ and in another location to give visibility to this remarkable find of british prehistory.

Viking Unst (SC)

The replica of a viking longhouse stands beside Skidbladner, replica of the Gokstad boat, to represent viking life in the Shetlands.

New Barn Field Centre (UK)

Within the grounds of the New Barn Field Centre, the (re)construction of an iron age roundhouse is used for educational programmes. But many other activities are available for the pupils.

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum (Northern Ireland)

Not far from Belfast, the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum meets the visitor with both the permanent exhibition and the open air village of one hundred years ago.

Navan Center - Emain Macha (Northern Ireland)

In the proximity of the archaeological site of Navan Fort, the Centre displays a reconstructed roundhouse and hosts facilities for edutainment.


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