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What is the use of a division in Old, Middle and Young Stone Age (CH)?

Stone Age takes from 130,000 until 4,200 years before present, or no less then a huge period of 125,800 years. To understand this period better, archaeologists have tried to divide it into different phases, using certain criteria...

Alles Käse

JOCHUM ZIMMERMANN, E., "Alles Käse", Bulletin voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie, vol. 16, issue 1, Leiden, VAEE, pp. 9-10, 03/2011.

Experimentelle Archäologie Schweiz / Archéologie Expérimentale Suisse (EAS / AES) (CH)

National Swiss organisation for experimental archaeology.
EAS is an association with about 100 members in Switzerland and abroad, which are actively or passively support experimental archaeology and promote it...


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