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From the Object to the Mould: Is there a Connection between Microstructure of a Cast Bronze Object and its Mould Material Used?

Emanuela Jochum Zimmerman,
Nina Künzler Wagner and
Stefanie Osimitz (CH)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***The question studied within the framework of the Wilhelminaoord Workshop was: In which way the mould material does influence the cast structure of a bronze object? For this, casts in two different mould materials (clay and soapstone) were carried out. The 10% tin bronze was cast at about 1100°C into slightly preheated moulds.

People back then were not that stupid after all … (CH)

No, why should they! The modern human (Homo sapiens sapiens) is around for about 37,000 years. Ever since, people have the same appearance and the same development of the brain as we do...

Did the people of the Old Stone Age use fishing nets (CH)?

The first proven fishing nets date to the Middle Stone Age and are made of twined birch bark. We have not identified fishing nets of the Old Stone Age, which does not mean...

How did the cavemen know that it is possible to make tools from flint (CH)?

At least 2 million years ago, the early people started to use stones as tools. At first they used complete rocks as hammer, for example to open animal bones with to get to the tasty marrow...

What kind of clothes did the Neandertal people wear (CH)?

We know much too little about that because clothes do not remain conserved in the soil for such a long time. We can presume however, the Neanderthal used this what they had to their disposal...

Didn't people in prehistory already have names (CH)?

Until in the Late Iron Age (3rd century BC), people did not use writing. In general, therefore, we are dealing with an alphabetic culture, so we do not have any names form this time...

Which language did the prehistoric people speak (CH)?

On this subject, we unfortunately know as good as nothing, because the prehistoric people did not know yet how to write and therefore did not leave any written traces behind. As however it is important to a social group to be able to communicate, people surely must have used a language...

How heavy is a mammoth tusk? What is its value (CH)?

We have never weighed the tusk in the museum in Zug, but it is this heavy, it has to be carried by two people. The value cannot be expressed in money as it is of scientific nature...

How does one know, how to exhibit a skeleton (CH)?

The many - often very tiny - bones of a displayed skeleton can be very confusing. But nowadays people know a lot of the human skeleton and people know all the bones. With help of specially trained people, the anthropologists, skeletons are assembled correctly.

Why do we find more stone artifacts than wood artifacts (CH)?

Wood is a material, which conserves poorly in the soil as it decays. Only in water the conservation is better, as the wood is sealed off from the air...


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