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Acorn Bread in Iron Age of North-western Iberia, from Gathering to Baking

Estevo Amado Rodríguez (ES)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***Strabo's Geography is one of the main sources that archaeologists use for the study of the Castro Culture’s (Iron Age in north-western Iberia) customs on food and consumption. In his description, he affirms that during two thirds of the year, those mountaineers fed on the acorn. The archaeological evidence shows that these people were mainly farmers...

Copper + Tin + People: Public Co-Smelting Experimentation in Northwestern Iberia

Aaron Lackinger (ES)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***In the present paper an experiment made in north-western Iberia for producing bronze using local ores and similar techniques to those perhaps practiced by the ancient prehistoric metallurgists during Bronze Age is described...

Reunión de Experimentación en Arqueología

MAMELI, L., and J. PIJOAN, "Reunión de Experimentación en Arqueología", Treballs d'arqueologia, vol. num. special, Barcelona, Universitat Atonoma de Barcelona (UAB), 2000.

Experimentació i Arquelogia naval

de JUAN, C., "Experimentació i Arquelogia naval", Cota zero: revista d'arqueologia i ciència, vol. 24, Vic, Universitat de Vic, pp. 71-77, 2009.


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