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Mural Painting of a Roman Lady from Viminacium: From Roman Matron to the Modern Icon

Jelena Anđelković Grašar and
Milica Tapavički-Ilić (RS)
OpenArch Special Digest 2015 Issue 2
***During the late antiquity, fresco decorated tombs had a prominent place in funerary practice. All of the scenes and motifs within tombs are dedicated to the deceased persons and their apotheosis. Usually painted on the western wall of the tomb, these portraits could represent a deceased married couple or sometimes individuals...

The “World of Music” in “Old Village”

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"Old Village" and museum public

ĆALDOVIĆ, S., ""Old Village" and museum public", Open air museums: Memoir, Sirogojno, The Open Air Museum "Old Village", pp. 143-161, 2012.


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