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Divnogorye (RU)

The "Natural, Architectural and Archeological museum-reserve "Divnogorye" is situated 150 km to the south from Voronezh and 650 km to the south from Moscow. Its area is 1100 hectares...

Томская писаница - Tomskaya Pisanitsa (RUS)

In Kemerovskaya Oblast, near the village Pisanaya you will find the Historical, Cultural and Natural Museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Its main attraction are petroglyphs and cave paintings. The exhibition “Ancient Dwellings” illustrates the housing traditions and architecture of peoples of the Central Siberia in the ancient time...

Археопарк Междуречье - Archeopark Interfluve (RUS)

The reservation holds so-called forest towns (9th – 12th century AD) as well as traces of the earlier Imenkov C

Вечный поиск совершенства

КОЖИН, П. М., "Вечный поиск совершенства", История и культура Востока Азии, vol. 1, Новосибирск, Институт археологии и этнографии СО РАН, pp. 32-34, 2002.

Древняя история Южной Сибири

КИСЕЛЕВ, С. В., "Древняя история Южной Сибири", Материалы и исследования по археологии СССР (МИА), vol. 9, Москва- Ленинград, 1949.


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