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Roundtables at University College Dublin, January 2015

Ruth Fillery-Travis (UK)
On 15 January 2015 around 25 people participated in the Academic Round Table chaired by Professor Bill Schindler from Washington College, and later this day in the Experimental Archaeology Networks Roundtable, with Roeland Paardekooper from EXARC chairing. Attendees came from a variety of countries, including Malta, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, UK, Sweden, the US and Poland...

Faktoria (PL)

Faktoria is a thematic park in which edutainment about the so called amber-road in the roman times is provided.

Yotvingian-Prussian settlement (PL)

Very close to the border with Lithuania, the reconstruction shows a medieval yotvingian-prussian settlement build on the base of the original one found few kilometers away from Punsk.

Gród na Górze Birów (PL)

In a breathtaking landscape and close to the ruins of another beautiful castle, the wooden reconstruction of the mount Birow Castle is a must-see intriguing site.

Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej (PL)

The etnographic open air museum shows some reconstructed buildings from the medieval times onwards.

Historyczny Grodzisko - Suraż (PL)

A medieval style enclosed village is used during events with living history demonstrations.


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