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Northern Ireland

The Metalworker and his Tools: QUB Belfast Conference

Giovanna Fregni (UK)
A recent conference, funded partially by UISPP, was held in Queens University Belfast. While its main focus was on Bronze Age metalsmithing tools and assemblages, the MeTools conference (23-25 June at Queen’s University, Belfast) had several presentations that focussed on experimental archaeology as a means of exploring metalworking craft...

The experimental tile kiln at Norton Priory

JOHNSON, B. J., "The experimental tile kiln at Norton Priory", Ironbridge Gorge Museum Notes on the Conservation of Architectural Remains: Ironbridge Gorge Museum, pp. 13-21, 1982.

Recreating Roman Buildings

JOHNSTON, D. E., "Recreating Roman Buildings", Current Archaeology, vol. 12-11, issue 143, pp. 426-432, 06/1995.


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