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The hardwater effect in AMS 14C dating of food crusts on pottery

PHILIPPSEN, B., H. KJELDSEN, and et al, "The hardwater effect in AMS 14C dating of food crusts on pottery", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, vol. Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 268, issue 7-8, Århus, pp. 995-998, 2010.

Madens alder

PHILIPPSEN, B., "Madens alder", Skalk, vol. 5, Århus, pp. 8-12, 2009.

To Be or Not to Be: Thoughts on Living History - Some personal remarks

Thit Birk Petersen (DK)
This article is based on personal experiences and observations conducted through many years as a volunteer at the Middle Age Centre in Denmark and later as a student at the Open Air Museum, Sorgenfri, Denmark. Observations and remarks made are solely personal and the article reflects thoughts I have had throughout the years...

Scandinavian Iron Age and Early Medieval Ceramic Moulds - Lost Wax or Not or Both?

Anders Söderberg (SE)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***Since the 1940s we have had a discussion in Scandinavia concerning ancient mould-making methods. The question of different methods in the production of ceramic moulds has taken a large part in these discussions; by lost wax or by direct matrix-methods.

Mass Production in the Viking Age

FUGLESANG, S H., "Mass Production in the Viking Age", From Viking to Crusader: The Scandinavians and Europe 800-1200, Uddevalla, pp. 198-199, 1992.


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