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Wie das Nydamschiff gebaut wurde

TIMMERMANN, G., "Wie das Nydamschiff gebaut wurde", Mannus. Zeitschrift für Deutsche Vorgeschichte, vol. 33, Leipzig, pp. 56-61, 1941.

Food discussion

For the authors see the article
For a BBC program in 1954, Sir Mortimer Wheeler tasted a reconstruction of the Tollund Man’s last supper, which turned out to be a tasteless mush. This led him to announce: "I believe that the poor chap of Tollund committed suicide because he could stand his wife's cooking no longer!"...

Aspects on Realizing House Reconstructions: a Scandinavian Perspective

Ulf Näsman (DK)

1987 ESF Proceedings
The 1980s was the beginning of a boom in the construction of archaeologically inspired buildings inside and outside archaeological open-air museums.
***Experiments are an integrated part of archaeological research, a tool used to analyse and understand archaeological phenomena. It is a method as legitimate and as problematic as so many others...

Experimenteller Guss von wikingerzeitlichen Barockspangen. Eine Vorstudie

NEISS, M., and J. SITELL, "Experimenteller Guss von wikingerzeitlichen Barockspangen. Eine Vorstudie", Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa, Bilanz 2012, vol. Heft 11, Unteruhldingen, Europäische Vereinigung zur Förderung der Experimentellen Archäologie e.V., pp. 151-164, 2012.


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