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Czech Republic

The Siege

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Saturday, 23 July, 2016 to Sunday, 24 July, 2016
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for Public

Keltský Archeopark Nasavrky (CZ)

Planned to be opened in 2015, in Nasavrky, south east of Prague, an AOAM with more than 30 buildings ...

Archeopark Prášily (CZ)

The Keltoi association is a civil society aiming at developing social activities and education for children and youngsters. For this purpose, they have constructed a Celtic settlement (5th – 1st century BC) near Prášily (Šumava) where they organise short and long stays and focus partly on the technique of the Iron Age...

Book Review: Glossary of Prehistoric and Historic Timber Buildings by Lutz Volmer and W. Haio Zimmermann (ed.)

Roeland Paardekooper (NL)
The 1987 conference in Århus, Denmark on ESF Workshop on the reconstruction of wooden buildings from the prehistoric and early historic period has been important to EXARC as we have acquired, and are gradually publishing, the manuscripts of the unpublished proceedings....

Die Technologie der vorgeschichtlichen Keramik mit Rücksicht auf ihr Brennen

KOVÁRNÍK, J., "Die Technologie der vorgeschichtlichen Keramik mit Rücksicht auf ihr Brennen", Archaeology of the bronze and iron age - experimental archaeology, environmental archaeology, archaeological parcs, proceedings of the international conference (Százhalombatta, 3-7 october 1996), Budapest, pp. 315-325, 1999.


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