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Neolithic Village (BG)

Neolithic Village is an Archaeological Thematic Complex that offers reconstructions of a Neolithic house and of а Chalcolithic pile dwelling, a Museum with a collection of early Thracian treasuries, weapons, ceramics, coins and a replica of the mural from the Tomb of Alexandrovo.

Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle (BG)

Archaeological open-air museum “Thracian and Ancient town Kabyle” present one of the most important towns from the Hellenistic and Roman period in Thrace. The first settlement appeared in 2nd mil. BC and gradually become one of the significant towns in Thrace world...

Legio IIII Scythica (BG)

We are a Roman group on the territory of the Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja in Bulgaria) presenting the life of the 1st century AD. We were founded in 2010 in Dobrich (Bulgaria) as a Roman historical re-enactment association.


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