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Obituary: Kazimierz Bielenin

Szymon Orzechowski (PL)
On the 19th of November 2011, Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Bielenin died in Kraków after a long and exhausting illness. He was a great scientist and scholar but also a very modest man with a great personality...

Conference: III Congrès internacional d’arqueologia experimental

Sara Graziano (IT)
From 17 - 19 October 2011 in Banyoles, Spain, the third international congress of experimental archeology took place, organized by the Asociacion Experimenta. Banyoles 2011 was a very intense conference, with over 50 speakers in three days, the quality of presentations was particularly high, as well as the presence of young, skilled and passionate researchers...

Discussion on archaeological reconstruction in situ

For the authors see the article

Archaeological reconstruction in situ has been a hot item over the years. Spring 2011, a conference was devoted to this, in Calafell, Catalonia. Is interpreting a site’s past only possible at that site itself? Is a site better off without reconstruction and interpretation because it only damages...

Conference: International Workshop, An integration of use-wear and residues analysis for the identification of the function of archaeological stone tools

Cristina Lemorini and
Stella Nunziante Cesaro (IT)

The international workshop, titled An integration of use-wear and residues analysis for the identification of the function of archaeological stone tools, took place in Rome between 5-7 March, 2012 at the Sapienza University and at the National Council of Research (CNR)..

Book Review: Experimental archaeology presented in the AID Magazine

Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

The top popular magazine in Germany on archaeology is called Archäologie in Deutschland, simply referred to as ‘AiD’. It has been published every two months since 1984 and is 84 pages in length. The publisher is Theiss from Stuttgart. They publish on archaeology, history and ethnography and carry about 650 titles...

Conference: Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology 2011 (RE-ARC)

Mark Butler (US)

The second annual Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference was held at the Schiele Museum of Natural History, Gastonia, NC, 16-17 October, 2011 and was attended by over 50 participants representing at least 10 states, two countries and an unknown number of general museum visitors...

Conference: Danube Limes, Lussonium, a prospective archeological park in Paks, 2011 (HU)

András Neiner (HU)

The Roman Limes was a system of borders around the Roman Empire. In several countries, these Roman sites are given much attention, take for example the UK (Hadrian’s Wall) and Germany...

Book Review: Experimental Archaeology by Alistair Marshall

Penny Cunningham (UK)

Experimental Archaeology: 1. Early Bronze Age Cremation Pyres. 2. Iron Age Grain Storage - the first thing that strikes the reader is that the book’s preface is missing leaving little understanding of the overall purpose of the book beyond the publication of two very different but significant experiments...

Interview with Hans de Haas

Diederik Pomstra (NL)

December 2010, Hans de Haas turned 75 and this seemed a fitting occasion for an in depth interview with this Nestor of Dutch living prehistory and experimental archaeology...

75 Years of history on concrete floors

Karl Banghard (DE)

In 2011 the archaeological open-air museum Oerlinghausen (member of EXARC) turned 75 years old, and with that it is one of the oldest archaeological open-air museums in the world. It is, at least, oldest Germanic open-air museum...


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